Sunday 25 November 2007

At last!

But, oh dear, imagine Rod King's comments next Sabbath?


Douglas Becker said...

For the under initiated:

You can watch and hear Roderick Meredith, Richard Ames, Wally Smith, and Rod King from the Living Church of God proclaim the Gospel on superstation WGN at 6:00am EST on Tomorrow's World

Am I mistaken or has Rod King been on a CoG journey? WCG, CCg, United, Living?

Yes, we can just imagine, given those liberal labor leaders! Perhaps we will return to the days of Armstrongists making snide remarks about "those Demoncrats"! Only, it will be Liberal Labor.

Uh, what was wrong with the old leadership?

Douglas Becker said...

For those wondering what the real fuss is about, a trip to
the Associated Press article at
MSNBC should suffice

Is it too early to determine whether the IQ of the country has gone up or down?

Anonymous said...

Yes at last appeasement of Muslims will take off in full swing.

Anonymous said...

Well, they say a people generally gets the government it deserves.

Whatever that means.

But any politician who promises to sign the Kyoto accords shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the reins of power. All nations should institute religious tests to bar adherents of Global Warmingism from public office.

Anonymous said...

Douglas, Douglas, Douglas,.....
How dare you bring up some history. How dare you question rewritten history? Haven't you understood that wearing an appelation of "minister" makes one right in every and any masticated verbal diatribic emanation?

Has K done the CoG traverse? Oh yes. Just ask people "down-under".
WCG -> UCG-> CoG (Hume)-> who else we don't know about> "Living" (?) -> who next??

Ah Machiavelli would be proud.
John K