Tuesday 21 August 2007

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Stan has a new entry up on the Gerry Flurry cult, sufficient to (with apologies to Seamus) "keep our disgust fresh."

Whatever you thought of Ambassador College, it was a beautifully maintained campus and a tribute to the grounds staff who kept it that way. Here's a link to some nostalgic photographs of the world that was.

And finally, wouldn't you know it... LCG has laid the blame for its LU software problems with the guy in red tights. Yes brethren, the Devil did it! Douglas Winnail wails: "We need to remember that this is Satan’s world (II Corinthians 4:4) and that he will do all he can to create difficulties and confusion in this effort to make God’s Truth available to people around the world. Your prayers and patience are appreciated…"

A much more plausible reason, I think you'll agree, than stupidity and incompetence.


Anonymous said...

Has no one noticed?

When things go wrong:

1) It is Satan attacking;
2) It's because the brethren in the church let down and it's their fault.

When things go right, the credit goes to the cultmeister or council of evil.

What ever happened to giving credit to God for things that go right?

But then, these days, not so much is going right, is it?

Perhaps they need a #3:

3) God is punishing us.

Anonymous said...

The Flurry and Pack cults are fascinating - good analysis by Ambassador Reports.

Flurry's 3 million dollar bet on MOA has clearly failed. He must be stunned that after this big stupid purchase, membership is actually falling ! The delusion of pursuing ever more purist fundamentalist Armstrongism is not dissimilar to what we see in the Sharia sects of Islam.

Pack, Flurry, Meredith, Bush, Mormons, Islamists all have one thing in common: They don't read widely.

Anonymous said...

Flurry's 3 million dollar bet on MOA has clearly failed.

Actually, the payout was $3 million.

The actual cost was $3 million more for all the legal and nuisance fees the members paid to get to buy the WCG trademarked / copyrighted stuff, making for a $6 million Divine Intervention.

But if you had to pay for it was it Divine Intervention? Freely have you received, freely give does not apply.

Anonymous said...

The photo gallery at is interesting. You can see the 'Key of David' set hasn't changed, all that woodwork is too much and so 1970s - not that Flurry doesn't mind being stuck in the 70's. You can also see Stephen Flurry's wife - the one he took to Vienna (one of the perks of being a PCG exec living high on the triple tithes of the PCG slaves)

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...
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        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

minimalist said...

The photo gallery at is interesting. You can see the 'Key of David' set hasn't changed, all that woodwork is too much and so 1970s - not that Flurry doesn't mind being stuck in the 70's.

Thanks for the URL, interesting compilation of stuff on Flurry.

Its freaky seeing some AC faces now with Flurry. Everytime I see that I think "...I thought they were smarter than that....". But it really isn't about IQ is it? Some very bright people fall victim to that stuff.

The TV series on cable "Mad Men" is about Madison Avenue in the 1960s, what's interesting about the show is how similar that 1960s look is to HWA's sense of design. Its now being carried over (subconsciously) in McFlurryism. Same synthetic ice cream with new nuts.

You get the feeling if Armstrong wore Hasidim clothing, Flurry would too. At least then Oklahomans could mistake them for Amish.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that HQ never seems to mean IQ.

Unknown said...

i'll never forget dr. doug giving a sermon in boston in 1985. the hot spiritual topic? men's haircuts!

seems dr. doug wainail is enthralled by men's haircuts: "i passed this man...and I was so taken by his haircut I followed him up the hall just to admire it!" wow!

this from a man who had previously looked down his spiritual nose at me when i attempted to get some of his lofty, anointed spiritual wisdom about a serious problem i faced!

guess i should have had a better barber!

Anonymous said...

Once, we are told, the pharisees tried to trap Jesus with a question that had no easy answer. The same thing happened in the PCG and Prophet Flurry was not amused. Check link to see the question and the result.

Anonymous said...


Wow! You managed to stay awake during one of Dr. Winnail's sermons.

I don't remember that one. The seats were a little more comfortable up in the balcony, where I was probably fast asleep.

Anonymous said...

If you're coming down to Edmund for a cultural transfusion, don't forget to a stop at Petersburg KY to see the Creation Science Museum

Unknown said...

i remember that old auditorium in waltham, i believe, because of those old seats. i sat on the side. i can't remember, but the one thing i wll always remember is dr. doug, like a peacock strutting down the aisle after being introduced by master jim franks, as DOCTOR doug, and then the good doctor went into his rant about passing this young man in the hall at some school and how he loved that haircut so much he followed the guy down the hall to admire it.

i don't want the good christian doctor to sue me but isn't that kinda, you

and now the good doctor is assistant head yuckkidy muck over some herd of sheep somewhere!

as i see it, the problem with all of the churches of god present,past and whatever bunch of freaks emerge, is that they attract and promote these self righteous goons like dr. doug.

here is a man that clearly has issues. i'll never forget the tone of his voice, the self agrandizing and just garbage that rolls off his tongue. this guys leads a church?

i shutter to think of what would happen if this freak ever became a follower of the babylonian talmud. when he got to the part where he had to sacrafice his first born, this nutjob would actually do it!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Swen, he was a rather mellow person. His wife, on the other hand, would devour her prey live.

I fondly remember his impersonation of a man with long hair, and how the man who is an abomination because of his long hair would ever so femininely shake his head in such a way as to throw his long locks out of his face. It was a riot. He did a very precise impersonation that sent ripples of laughter throughout the semi-conscious congregation.

Ahhh ... maybe there were some latent tendencies there.

Unknown said...

"not that there's anything wrong with it!"
anonymous, thanks for telling me how mellow he was. i'm sure he is like anybody else, has good days and bad, and i'm sure the day he gulped down the lump in his throat when i told him my problem( which actually turned out to be nothing)and he shrieked at me, "YOU HEM,HAW,SPYHTRUYTKKDUYDHD!"
well, i just tucked my beaten little tail between my legs and scampered out of that dirty old hall in Waltham,mass.

after years of post-armstrong research, i know that armstrong and his army of knuckle draggers attempted to convert us all to judaism, without telling us what judaism really is.

for example paul, who was a pharisee condemned circumcision. most people don't understand why. herbie and the boys encouraged it. the problem is, under the babylonian talmud, the written oral tradition that jews consider their most sacred book, any circumcision not done by a rabbi(mohel?)SP, is useless. also, any circumcision that is not done with the MEZIZAH,(read about this in your spare time) is useless!
while we were forced to observe atonement, and neil diamond sung about the KOL NIDRE, armstrong refused to tell us that the KOL NIDRE is a vow that every jew takes on atonement that disavows any agreement he makes during the year. wow! nice!
bottom line, dr. doug,his wife,herbie,ted,franks,and dr, rod, are freaks, purpoting to attach to christ's freedom babylonian talmudic rules and regs, that both Christ and brother Paul condemned.
i strongly recommend aall christians to read up on the babylonia talmud, and realize that jews don't follow torah. torah is the rule book, but the talmud is the casebook.
and yes, the babylonian talmud required sacrafice of jews first born. NO WONDER ISRAEL PARTED WAYS WITH THE JEWS!
no thanks, dr, doug. i'll keep my little man in one piece thank you!