Monday 7 May 2007

Roaming Rome-ward

Francis Beckwith, a professor at Baylor University, is president of the semi-prestigious Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). This is the place where Sabbatarian SDAs rub shoulders with dippy Dallas dispensationalists. The members include some genuinely gifted scholars and not a few complete nut cases. ETS is the best the Evangelical world can offer in Biblical Studies.

But what's this? Beckwith is stepping down and, along with his wife, entering communion with the Church of Rome! You can read his story here, or visit his own website. This should set the papal cat among the Biblicist pigeons. Who's next? Bob Thiel?


DennisDiehl said...

Well how strange. I would have thought the way to go would have been for Mr. Beckwith to take over and force all the Evangelicals under his care to become Catholics!

Well..actually, who would be so stupid as to pull a stunt like that? What was I thinking?

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

And they say there's no such thing as ETs?

"Take me to your leader". Ugh...that would be in Rome sir.

That's sure to send those Jesuit infiltration conspiracy theories roaring within the SDA movement. Sometimes you even hear those inside the xCGs.

Pssstt! Bacchiochi is a Vatican mole!