Saturday 28 April 2007

The words of J

Thanks to fellow blogger Felix Taylor for pointing out the existence of a promising new blog on WCG. Shadows of WCG is the work of a former member, and its definitely worth checking out. The writer goes by the handle "J." Well written, perceptive, balanced... great stuff.

Now we need a P, E, D and there'll be a set!


Douglas Becker said...

The posting for disfellowshipment was interesting.

I have often thought that Herbert Armstrong should have been disfellowshipped and marked for reasons given in Scripture.

He certainly was responsible for ultimately causing the divisions we see today in the churches of God.

Corky said...

The problem with disfellowshipping HWA was that the church belonged to him, he was the church, he was the owner - lock, stock and barrel.

The only way to disfellowship HWA was to leave the church - which I did! Consider him disfellowshipped.

Douglas Becker said...

Yes, Herbert Armstrong was the Radio Church of God and the Worldwide Church of God. He owned it as you say. It was his to do with as he saw fit. No one had a say in it but him. Not even God.

As for disfellowshipping him now, it does appear that God or the Universe has taken care of that: He's dead.

Nevertheless, we share your frustration, but there is a place you can go: Ministers

You may also be among the proud who have been disfellowshiped by going to
the Graveyard Church
of God
. Heaven knows I tried without success to get disfellowshipped from United years back. They have been so stubborn -- after all I have created a great deal of division by telling the truth. I had to settle for the Graveyard Church of God disfellowshipment as a badge of honor and it couldn't be as good as being disfellowshipped by the UCG, but it it is rather stylish, don't you think? I mean I can put this in a frame and mount it on the wall, whereas United would probably just send me some boring letter.

The point was the new blog where yet another adds to the chorus of voices which transcends the apologists with a glimpse to the realities of the past.

Douglas Becker said...

Now we need a P, E, D and there'll be a set!

I suppose I could be the "D" but if you would be so kind as to exempt me from this....

Corky said...

Heh heh heh, thanks DB. But I don't need a certificate as long as I have scars and memory.

It's enough that I've gotten into the habit of hanging out at the PT forum for the last year or two.

Yes, there could be more voices out there adding to the chorus
Yaaaay bloggers!