Sunday 10 December 2006

The devil did it!

LCG's Douglas Winnail sounds the rallying cry in his latest member missive (December 7). Nothing original though, and not much that's particularly relevant either. After raising the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Doug launches out on Kamikaze Chuck: it seems "the Devil did it!"

As members of the Church of God, we all need to remember that we are involved in a “spiritual war” not with “flesh and blood,” but with an evil and deceptive enemy (Ephesians 6:11-12) whose goal is not only to destroy the Church, but to deceive and devour each of us (I Peter 5:8). We need to be alert to the fact that Satan operates by devious methods (II Corinthians 2:11) and that we are all vulnerable to his attacks. For this reason, we must do our part to stay close to God through regular prayer and study (I Thessalonians 5:17) to nourish God’s Spirit so that we have the necessary spiritual discernment to perceive when Satan is working on us (II Timothy 1:6-7). We also need to stay focused on the big picture of why we are called and what our God-given mission is (Mark 16:15).

As many of you are already aware, Mr. Charles Bryce informed us last week that he has serious doctrinal differences with the Living Church of God (on wearing makeup, the explanation of Church eras, the definition of the gospel and Church mission, appropriate meeting halls, etc). He informed Mr. Meredith and me several times during phone conversations that it would be a waste of time to come to Charlotte to discuss the matter and that he would have to resign. Due to the adamant position that he has taken and his subsequent release of his list of issues to the entire ministry, we have had to terminate Mr. Bryce from being a minister with the Living Church of God. This was not a decision that we wanted to make, yet it was necessary for the protection of the Church and brethren. It is certainly our hope that Mr. Bryce will reconsider his actions. Up until last week, Mr. Bryce gave us no indication that he had serious concerns about any of these issues. He did not mention these issues during the years he served on the Council of Elders (he chose to resign from the Council a year ago when he moved to Texas). While he was Director of CAD he also had the opportunity to suggest changes in these areas, but nothing was said.

... The Scriptures inform us that the Church is given the charge to determine doctrine, not individuals (I Timothy 3:15), and we see how this operated at the council meeting in Acts 15. It is regrettable that Mr. Bryce did not follow these principles in this most recent situation. From calls that we have made around the country, it appears that very few ministers or members are sympathetic with the ideas in Mr. Bryce’s letter. Mr. Meredith is writing a letter to the membership to put this most recent situation into a bigger perspective. — Douglas S. Winnail

Actually Doug, you might think about tying your illustrious Presiding Evangelist firmly to a chair well away from writing implements and keyboards - just look at how he screwed up with his two letters last week!


Anonymous said...

What is interesting in the letter is Winnails assertion that Bryce NEVER brought these issues up at the COE meetings and elsewhere when he had a chance.
That is not true as when Bryce did bring up anything of the sort he was told "this is not the time or place" for that.
Fact is Bryce even started using that same phrase when dealing with others after that, when he was being pressured for an answer.
In the DELS meetings (deacon and elders) he would allude to this as well as in sermons he gave, and pep talks at the F.O.T. Ministerial and Host luncheons. Doug Winnail should strap himself to a chair and not use the print media either, as he consistently emulates Spanky in this regard.
Just check him out to see how awful he is in his "research" on his articles he writes for TW.

Unknown said...

we all need to remember that we are involved in a “spiritual war” not with “flesh and blood,” but with an evil and deceptive enemy

The psychopath whose primary identification is not his lack of empathy and lack of conscience, but his propensity to play games just to see how far he can take it and still get away with manipulating people.

Oh, a few of the cultmeisters of the cult of gods might be sincere narcissists, but all of them are predators, most of whom know exactly what they are.

Mr. Charles Bryce informed us last week that he has serious doctrinal differences with the Living Church of God (on wearing makeup, the explanation of Church eras, the definition of the gospel and Church mission, appropriate meeting halls, etc)

Don't we all. I mean, you don't even have to have ever been a member of the cult of gods to be appalled at meeting in a urine beer-soaked pool hall in the morning for church services on the Sabbath and have to clear out before the bar opens for business. In some areas, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. There are no church eras. Get over it. That would assume that there were some actual churches of God involved, but frankly, with all the evidence to the contrary, we aren't seeing any conversion amongst the self-serving leaders within the cult of gods. As for the gospel, it's all about finding a way to support Meredith's family, as is the actual church mission. Nothing else matters. The means justifies the ends. Of course, the end is -- and must be abuse for the congregation, each one of which is counted to be a pawn, patron and patsy lower than dirt, to be trivialized and ignored except for what effort needs be expended to keep the cash cow laying those golden eggs.

As for the cult of gods, we all have issues. It is an irony that Winnail should quote II Timothy 1:6-7, since the whole chapter applies to the entire LCG. We should all obey verse 5: From such turn away -- which would apply to Meredith and the entire LCG committing idolatry, as it were. The murders were a pretty good warning to stay away.

This is all tempest in a teapot dome, what with the Living Dead Cult of Gods winding down on its death bed along with its ungodly idolatrous narcissistic victimizing leader: None of the whole thing is long for this world and the vultures are circling to pick off stray sheople as well as cultmeister evangelists.

jorgheinz said...


I notice that Charlotte rhymes with Harlot.

Your readers can determine if there is a legitimate,oops and sorry, ILLEGITIMATE connection.


jorgheinz said...


The church makes collective decisions,not individuals.Boy, what a sagacious and wise inner circle to make dumb and stupid decisions.

A house divided against itself cannot stand and this is slowly but surely taking effect.

In-SIN-cerely yours,


Anonymous said...

Somehow Dr. Winnail thinks the church has the authority to set doctrines. He quotes 1Tm:3:15. This scripture does not give the church, the authority to set doctrines and doesn't even say that.

But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. Nothing here say they can set doctrines. Christ laid out the doctrines we are to follow.

On one more note. Richard Aims said yesterday in Springdale, Ark. That Mr. Ponder Son-n-Law only work 5 weeks on the sabbath. I wonder how many sabbath you can work pulling that ox out?

Anonymous said...

If indeed the letter Charles Bryce sent was the first they heard of any problems he had with these issues how quick to the draw they are to quickly put someone out without sitting down to actually listen and discuss things. What has happened to this church - where is the love Jesus Christ admonished his disciples to have for one another and where are the bowels of mercies, patience, etc that the scriptures admonish us to have toward one another.
Something is missing here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear!

Was it so long ago that we've forgotten how "thy Rod and thy staff" defended a poor, old, somewhat befuddled cult leader from heresy and disloyalty? And how his somewhat over-zealousness got him a paid vacation in Hawaii?

I kinda think that Bryce won't be dealt with as generously, but then again, the budget isn't what it used to be either. Besides, we now have second and third generation family hangers on instead of just children to take care of.

It is interesting to note that defending "the faith once delivered" has devolved down to defending the true strain of Armstongism which may or may not include makeup and dining in restaurants on saturdays. Note to the membership - before leaving LCG for a more "pure" variant of Armstrongism, recall that special treatment and dispensations for family members has always been the Armstrong way. Fight that, and you accuse Harmstrong himself!

La Cosa Nostra and La Cosa COG - the only ones you can really trust are family members. Ever wonder who is now third in line to God?


Anonymous said...

Ahh, differences on those hugely important "doctrines" Of makeup, birthdays, shirt color and length of hair!!

Hate your neighbor but keep those eyes mascara free you women!!

Matthews said...

It is such a shame that Church of God leaders let their religion get in the way of God. They worship government and men more then they do God. Go back to the bible not your religion. I simply ask what religion were Adam and Eve?

Ray (Miami) said...

As an Ambassador College graduate, I am ashamed at how the leading Sheppard have not exemplified our Loving Savior Jesus Christ and are fighting and bickering on matters that are not of Salvation, but get into their sand boxes and fight for their toys or marbles. The leading men that have branched out of WCG are a lesser example of Christian living than the actual individual members of the body of the Church who truly suffer the trials and tribulation that this life gives those that have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Also, based on the percentage of loyalty to God and His word there is a higher percentage of members that have stayed committed to COG teachings than the actual percentage of ministers that stayed committed to the teachings. Many of them are claiming to follow Herbert W. Armstrong better than the others and forget they are to follow Jesus Christ the way, the Savior and the only name for which we are saved.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ray!

Are you sure you graduated from Ambassador College? Or even high school for that matter?

You didn't muster any grammatically sound sentences in your post. This made it exceedingly difficult to find any coherent thoughts in your message.

Ray (Miami) said...

Anonymous (whoever you are),

Unfortunately, you didn't get the point. I did not intend to show arrogance on the fact that I went to AC. I wrote a few words very quickly from the bottom of my heart to encourage brethren about their convictions and their commitment to Jesus Christ.

If you give me your name, and e-mail, next time, I can hire you as my editor. I guess you also find yourself in the sandbox as so many others do.
Luke 6:41 (New International Version) "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye.”

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grace has posted some more interesting information on his web page.