Saturday 20 May 2006

A modest return

In December 2005 I pulled the plug on a long-term project - a website called Ambassador Watch. For 5 years AW covered developments in a small (some might say bizarre) Adventist sect known as the Worldwide Church of God - along with the countless (literally!) splinter groups that have peeled away from the parent body. At the time the site closed down it was more popular than most of the "official" websites representing the beliefs of the various COGs (Churches of God.)

AW is gone. It simply required more time and energy than was possible for one person to give it. The amount of research required was huge, and there are now other fish to fry. So, for what it's worth, this will be a far more modest venture. No "mailbag," guest editorials, or scoops from insiders ... just a blog. While AW was often updated daily, its namesake will be a less obsessive venture. Twice a week... maybe.

As some readers will know (especially if you got here through a link) there is, in addition to this blog, a new website in the pipeline. The focus has, however, changed. Nothing like "son of AW": though it might qualify for third cousin twice removed. It's called Otagosh, and there'll be more about it in a later post.


Anonymous said...

Is otagosh a word in the New Zealand language? Is it a special code with hidden meanings? Do the letters add up to 666 or the number of years till Christ returns?


Just Curious

Gavin said...

Otagosh... a combination of Otago [University] and Gosh [the exclamation]... it seemed a good idea at the time :)

Carolyn said...

Welcome back, Gavin.